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Become A ScoliosisPH Intern!

We are accepting applications for ScoliosisPH interns!

ScoliosisPH is looking for:
👉 social media managers
👉 graphic designers
👉 content writers
👉 video editors

Why become a ScoliosisPH intern?

✔️ Build your portfolio.
✔️ Gain valuable work experience.
✔️ Learn tips and tricks on social media management.
✔️ Explore a career path.
✔️ Develop and refine your skills.
✔️ Build your confidence.

To apply, please fill out this link:

Basic requirements:

  1. Own laptop or PC
  2. Stable internet connection
  3. Great communication skills
  4. Willingness to learn
  5. Solid work ethics

Successful applicants will receive an email on how to proceed to the next step of the application process.

Learn and help 💚💜

Become a ScoliosisPH intern!

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