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About Us

Pioneering Support and Advocacy

Scoliosis Philippines Support Group Inc. (Scoliosis Philippines) is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a non-profit and non-stock organization anchored by the mission to attain a society where equity, social justice, and rights of scoliosis patients’ persons are served through various strategies, programs and projects.

What We Do


Scoliosis Philippines have been a staunch advocate in campaigning for awareness and early detection. In partnership with stakeholders, civic organizations, public and private sectors we have successfully organized awareness events and free screening which highlights prevention, management and addressing the burden of patients.


Our community is a safe space that connects and shares experiences through peer and parent support. With the help of our volunteers and partners we have conducted fundraising, patient meetups, learning, wellness activities and expressive art sessions to support patients cope with the challenges of scoliosis.


Following our community development plan, we conducted a series of strategic planning workshops, leadership development and capacity building, manual of operations and policies, programs for learning, empowerment and designed a mobile app for patient registry and access to community resources.

Our Core Values

Accountability & Transparency





Our Strategic Plan

Resources Mobilization

Mobilizing resources for organizational strengthening and service delivery

Systems Development

Establishing systems towards efficient operations

Partnership Development and Strengthening

Strengthening partnerships and multi-stakeholders’ engagement

Capacity Development

Building organizational and human capacities

Advocacy and Communication

Communicating and raising awareness

Data Management

Ensuring evidence-based information for internal and external collaboration

Service Delivery

Providing effective and efficient services

Policy Development

Developing policies for bigger scope and coverage of services

Our Priority Projects

PCNC Certification

The Philippine Council for NGO Certification ensures the standards of good governance, management and accountability.

PCNC certification is used by the Bureau of Internal Revenue as a basis in granting donee institution status.

Awareness Campaign

Scoliosis can aggressively progress but with early detection and early intervention it can potentially save a patient’s life from debilitating effects and complications.

Patient Concierge Service

This service is designed to elevate patient care in providing coordination and assistance for pre and post hospitalization of patients undergoing surgery.

Learning Development and Skills Training

Many scoliosis patients have suffered from workforce discrimination and social stigma. We wish to uplift their lives by motivating and providing learning and livelihood opportunity.

Holistic Wellness and Support Program

Our mental health is as important as our physical wellbeing. We aim to give a free Holistic Wellness and Support Program that promotes mindfulness and self care.

Child Life Therapy

Through therapeutic play, education and creative activities the program will provide the emotional, social and developmental needs of patients in coping while in the halo-gravity traction - a 3-4 week pre surgical treatment for severe curves of >90 degrees and above,

We are looking for partners, sponsors and volunteers who are committed to support our mission.

Together, we can bridge the gap and impact the lives of the underserved scoliosis patients.

Partner With Us!

History of Scoliosis Philippines

Est. 2011.


Created Help Fight Scoliosis group on Facebook.


Created Scoliosis Awareness Philippines page on Facebook.


Created Scoliosis Philippines Support Group on Facebook.



Became a member of the Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations (PAPO)


Championed the Presidential Proclamation No. 620 S. 2018 declaring June as Scoliosis Awareness Month


Registered with the SEC as Scoliosis Philippines Support Group Inc.


Facebook Community Accelerator Program cohort

Organized the first online Scoliosis Summit for the creation of the control and prevention program


Launched the Scoliosis Philippines Patient Registry mobile app.

The data was presented in the 2nd Scoliosis Summit for the development of the benefit package under the Universal Health Care.


Consensus panel for the Musculoskeletal (MSK) Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG).

AIM-SEELL and PAPO Post-graduate in Healthcare Leadership and Management cohort.

At present day...

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Scoliosis Philippines is a bonafide member of the Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations (PAPO), a coalition of patient organizations advocating for universal access to healthcare and allied services and the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO), a unique global alliance representing patients of all nations across all disease areas and promoting patient-centered healthcare across the world.


Scoliosis Philippines aims to raise awareness and offer a safe space to connect and share experiences related to scoliosis through peer and parent support. 

Our community is educational and supportive in nature; we do not engage in rendering psychological or healthcare advice, provide financial, medical, mental health or any other type of health service. 

The information and resources we provide do not substitute for or alternative to scoliosis treatment. Patients and families are advised to seek professional help from licensed physicians and health care professionals.

Officers and Board of Trustees

Amanda Bonife-Kiamko

President and Founder

Joanna Lizares-Co

Vice President

Sherleen Bautista


Jerolyn Basan


Board of Trustees

  • Amanda Bonife-Kiamko
  • Joanna Lizares-Co
  • Tricia Sardinia-Peek
  • Lizle De Los Reyes
  • Kristine Cerenado
  • Gwendale Ave
  • Eunice Reyes-Ralia
  • Keany Lantin
  • Rizzi Biaca-Palma
  • Junko Louise Villarin