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Our Structure

Officers and Board of Trustees

Amanda Bonife-Kiamko

President and Founder

Joanna Lizares-Co

Vice President

Sherleen Bautista


Jerolyn Basan


Board of Trustees

  • Amanda Bonife-Kiamko
  • Joanna Lizares-Co
  • Tricia Sardinia-Peek
  • Lizle De Los Reyes
  • Kristine Cerenado
  • Gwendale Ave
  • Eunice Reyes-Ralia
  • Keany Lantin
  • Rizzi Biaca-Palma
  • Junko Louise Villarin

Where We Are

Connect with other patients and families afflicted with scoliosis in your area. Join your meetups, awareness events and get timely updates.

In numbers...

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Scoliosis Philippines aims to raise awareness and offer a safe space to connect and share experiences related to scoliosis through peer and parent support. 

Our community is educational and supportive in nature; we do not engage in rendering psychological or healthcare advice, provide financial, medical, mental health or any other type of health service. 

The information and resources we provide do not substitute for or alternative to scoliosis treatment. Patients and families are advised to seek professional help from licensed physicians and health care professionals.

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