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Tele Rehab Ph and Scoliosis Philippines Support Group Program Marks One Year

Capping of February by celebrating the 1-year online program of Tele Rehab Ph and Scoliosis Philippines Support Group for scoliosis warriors. Thank you Amanda Bonife-Kiamko for providing this platform and opportunity to all your members. 💗

Thank you to all the warriors who participated in our seminar last Saturday. Please continue reading for all your inquiries. 💕

Please be reminded that our online scoliosis program is still on-going and will continue long after the pandemic is gone for these reasons:

  • to make it more affordable and sustainable
  • to give access to those who are living far from clinics / hospitals
  • to promote strength in numbers
  • to find inspiration from your group mates who are also having a hard time, but still giving it their best effort to help themselves

We have two online programs available

  1. Scoliosis Specific Exercise Program – for those who wants and needs a specialized management and correction of their spine using SCHROTH METHOD (recommended for adolescents who have been diagnosed early)
  2. Group Yoga Class – for those who wants to try yoga and other exercise classes that are scoliosis friendly.

Inquires for ONLINE Scoliosis Exercise Program, go to this link:

Inquiries for ONLINE Group Yoga Class, answer this form:

For other inquires, please feel free to send me a personal message. #keepfightingwarriors

mobile: 09177022034

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